‘The StandPoint’: Ten Years Of Transforming Lives For The Greater Good.

Oheneyere Gifty Anti, host of The StandPoint on Ghana Television (GTV) has attributed the success of her program to the General Manager of Accra based radio station Eezy FM, Mr. David Max-Fugar.

The celebrated TV personality is embarking on a media tour to mark the 10th anniversary of The StandPoint which started airing on 11th July, 2008.

Speaking on Eezy FM’s Morning Edition on Monday July 9, Oheneyere described Mr. Max-Fugar, General Manager of GN Radio and Mr. Wiliam Ampem-Darko as the two exceptional men who have brought her program to the limelight.

Oheneyere Gifty Anti with Mr. Max-Fugar, General Manager of GN Radio

“Let me mention Mr. Max-Fugar, God bless him, if it hadn’t been for him who stood and vouched for me, I don’t know where StandPoint would have been at this time.”

“We went through some serious struggles and I’m glad and grateful to these two men, Mr. Max-Fugar and former GTV boss Mr. William Ampem Darko, who really fought for the StandPoint.”

“They stood by me and I am so grateful and this is a fact.”

“The standpoint was born out of frustration, disappointment, anger and that fact that I grew up with a father who made me believe a woman can achieve anything and believe a woman is as important as a man.”

“I went to Mfantsiman girls’ secondary school which we call ‘ManSite’ because we will do everything, there’s nothing girlish or this is for girls or boys, she added”.

She also recounted a time in school where she and some of her mates staged a coup by locking the dining hall adding that they also had mock parliaments at the time.

According to Gifty, it was a real struggle for her during her early days as a TV personality on the Morning show on GTV which was the first morning show ever on Ghanaian television.

“People were wondering who this young lady who is outspoken, free to say anything and very daring and bold so, the name calling, the tagging and all that and by the grace of God, I went to do my masters, met a powerful woman who is a feminists who was my journalism lecturer who said to me Gifty, you cannot go back to Ghana and be the same but you must go back and make an impact”.

“I came back and thought that we need to create a platform where women will gather and speak their minds and address issues affecting them irrespective of what society thinks be it menstrual problems, broken heart, Kitchen issues, marriage.

“My father was the one who would look for cotton wool and local medicine during my adolescent when I had menstrual pains”.


“I used to watch an American programme and the setup was all women, four women and they invite people so I thought about giving it a name knowing I couldn’t call it the view so the name StandPoint came about out of nothing”.

The Standpoint is an Educative, Influential, Enlightening, Powerful, Discerning, Empowering, Comforting and an Eye Opener which airs 8:15pm every Friday on GTV.

By: Nana Afrane Asante/Eezyonline

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