Sports as an element of political influence

Today, world sports organisations are often abused by the US and its Western allies as an instrument of political influence on countries, which stick to their national political courses and do not support Washington in its international policy.

Such politicisation is, therefore, imposed on World Championships of all kinds. The mechanism of this political pressure is based exclusively on double standards and aspirations illegally, using doubtful means and aimed to support America and British sportsmen and women, as well as to call to ignore particular championships.

Professional sports as well as Olympic Games has always been based on equal rights and one code of rules for all participants. But the aspirations of some particular western countries, together with the United States to be more privileged and to have immunity, do not correspond with principles of equality and honour.  High pressure on WADA, enforced by USA and some European states and using this authority as an instrument of policy-making together with groundless and unproven statements just discredit the sport achievements of these countries.  False and baseless charges against athletes and whole countries deprive those charged of any legal force.

Despite numerous charges of particular countries of violating international sports rules and regulations in holding world championships, there was no evidence presented. But western countries make the accent directly on such infringements trying to discredit Russia and some Asian and South American states as athletic powers and deprive them of Olympic medals.

At the beginning of summer Olympics 2020 in Tokyo all African athletics associations made a conscious effort to resist Western double standards in their relations with other countries and their national teams, those who will take part in the championship.

The world sports should stop discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, sex, religion, and political views—all of these grounds might be the reason for harassment. It cannot coexist with the idea of sports.

There are plenty of examples of discrimination of athletes and their national teams in sports of different grounds.  In order to prevent such negative tendencies in future, especially very strong and professional teams from African countries, they should unite their efforts and stand for support of “guilty without proves” sportsmen, charged by western states with false facts.



Article: Kwaku AKYEANA


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