Something urgent must be done about our courts!

THE Chief Justice, Ms Justice Sophia Akuffo, has warned of closing down the Kasoa District Court.

IN fact, the Chief Justice did not end there; she went on to add all other courts, which in her view, were not purposely designed for the judiciary by the end of 2018.

THE warning by the Chief Justice follows her visit to the Kasoa District Court as part of her four-day visit to the Central Region.

ACCORDING to a front-page story in the Daily Graphic of Tuesday, July 10, 2018 under the headline: I’ll close down courts. Not fit for purposes—CJ, the Chief Justice, following her visit to the Kasoa District Court, was dumbfounded when the Magistrate of the Court, Ms Felicia Ganden, disclosed to her that she has been using a chamber pot as a place of convenience, showing the deplorable conditions under which she was working.

IN fact we at Today are equally stunned by the revelation at the Kasoa District Court.

THE truth is that many of the courts in this country were in very terrible conditions and not fit to be called courts.

BUT, interestingly these structures dotted all over the country were still being used in the dispensation of justices.

FOR us at Today we don’t think that closing down these courts offers the solution to the problem.

WHAT we believe should be done is government to impress upon the district assemblies to use their internally generated funds to give courts within their jurisdictions a face-lift.

IN that sense we would not have to expend huge resources in building new courts.

THAT will be totally wasting resources which otherwise could be used to execute other development projects.

SOME of our courts are indeed an eye saw and leave much to be desired.

IT is about time we shifted our attention to fixing our courts, considering the fact  that the judiciary is an indispensable arm of multi-party democracy.

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