What are small-scale miners waiting for?

THERE is no doubt the country’s fight against illegal mining popularly referred to as galamsey is far from over.  At least, there are still pockets of illegal miners operating under the cover of darkness.

THAT is why we do not have to give up now, particularly when all seems to be pointing to us permanently dealing with the canker. The point is that galamsey is bad and should, therefore, not be allowed again to flourish.

THE practice has inflicted enough damage on our environment, farmlands and must be stopped at all cost.  Hence supporting the central government to bring a closure to galamsey will do us all loads of good.

AND so, the government would require every vital information that could help it flush out illegal mining in the country.  Yes, it is commendable the kind of job that the national anti-galamsey task force, Operations Vanguard (OV), is doing to clamp down on the practice.

SO far so good as it is often said.  But the fact remains that we need to step up our efforts if we are bent on uprooting this canker from our country.

IT is against this backdrop that Today is somehow taken aback by the open threat by the Ghana National Association of Small-Scale Miners (GNASSM) to expose any illegal mining activity being carried out by chiefs, politicians and any other high profile figures in the country.

THE question is that: why would GNASSM be making this threat now, knowing very well they continue to bear the brunt of the ban on all small-scale mining operations?

IN fact, they should be the first to be reporting such nation wreckers to the appropriating quarters to enable the laws of this country deal with them.  But, rather it appears they have waited to be pushed to the brim before making this threat.

WHATEVER the case is, it is good that they are ready to let the law deal with such characters in our country.  We must all understand that it will take the collective effort of all of us to fight the galamsey menace.


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