Sierra Leoneans indeed need our help!

OUR neighbouring country, Sierra Leone, is in a state of mourning and deep grief.  This is because according to some media reports, between 400 and 600 people including about 100 children have perished in a mudslide that hit the country on Monday, August 14, 2017.  This is a small country whose total population is not even up to 6 million.

THIS sad incident happened after homes in the hilltop community of Regent, Sierra Leone, were engulfed after part of Sugar Loaf Mountain collapsed, following heavy rains early on that fateful day.  Sadly, it is further reported that about 600 people are still missing following the disaster.

MANY of the victims, we have been told, were asleep when the disaster struck.  Declaring seven days of mourning, President of Sierra Leone, H.E. Ernest Bai Koroma, pleaded for “urgent support.”

ADDRESSING the media immediately after the disaster, President Bai Koroma stressed that the devastation “was overwhelming us.  Entire communities have been wiped out.  We need urgent support now.”

WE are also being told that rescue and recovery operations are currently underway in the country (Sierra Leone) all in an effort to save lives.  The unfortunate disaster that has hit Sierra Leone is a very tragic one coming only years after the deadly Ebola outbreak that also killed a number of their citizens.

IN trying moments like this, countries tend to appeal for outside help.  Thus, it comes to Today as no surprise that the President of Sierra Leone has made a passionate appeal to African countries and other advanced nations for assistance.

THE fact is that this is an overwhelming tragedy that will require the assistance from outside.  Therefore, Today is delighted at the news that the government of Ghana is making plans to send some relief items to Sierra Leone.

ACCORDING to the Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister of Ghana, Charles Owiredu, “we are also trying in our own small way to put together a package.”

THE yet-to-be sent items, Mr. Owiredu disclosed, include clothes, mosquito nets and blankets among others.  At least, we believe these items when delivered will go a long way to soothe the pain and grief of many of the rescued victims and those whose families have been affected by the disaster.

WHILE commending government of Ghana for its readiness to assist a sister African country, which is desperately in need, we equally call on organisations like the United Nations, Africa Union, ECOWAS among other regional blocs to urgently go to the help of the people of Sierra Leone.

DEFINITELY, the timely intervention of the above organisations and help from many more African countries will go a long way to lessen the pain of the people of Sierra Leone who at the moment will require all the help they can get.

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