Shocking! Nurse slaps pregnant woman for making noise during labour

A nursing midwife [name withheld for now] stationed at the Suhum Government Hospital in the Eastern Region of Ghana became so angry by the “labour noise” of a pregnant woman that she resolved slaps were the best solution to shut ‘her patient’ up, Weekend Today can report.

The pregnant woman, according to our sources at the hospital, was bleeding profusely and in pain, which necessitated her wailing, but the nurse didn’t take kindly to that, hence her resort to slapping the patient.

The woman, after the incident, the sources said, called her husband and informed him.

Consequently, the sources said, the husband of the pregnant woman, organised and bused prominent family members to the hospital for a citizen arrest and to protest the conduct of the nurse.

The angry family members,’ who thronged the Suhum Government Hospital, Weekend Today gathered, threatened to beat up the nurse, but the timely intervention of the security men at the hospital averted any unfortunate incident.
The family, Weekend Today’s investigations showed, reported the matter to the Medical Superintendent of the Hospital, Dr Emmanuel Ashong, whose intervention calmed things down.
Our checks at the Medical Superintendent of the Suhum Government Hospital indicated that an investigation had already commenced.

Dr Emmanuel Ashong confirmed it on Accra FM.

He noted that a committee has been set up by the hospital’s management to investigate, adding that after the committee comes out with its report, the management will take action against the nurse.

“When the report comes, management would act on it. The nurse has applied for a leave but we are doing an investigation,” he said.

Our sources confirmed that indeed the pregnant woman was calling for help while in pains as she was screaming in her delivery, which infuriated the midwife to give her the dirty slaps.



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