Shocker: Chinese Rosewood thief vanishes into thin-air

The Chinese woman, Helena Huang, who was arrested in Tamale for transporting trucks of rosewood lumbers and charged with possessing banned forestry products has been declared missing more than 48 hours after she was granted police Inquiry bail.

The Northern Regional Police Crime Officer, Supt. Otuo Acheampong who confirmed the development to Starr News said an influential individual who stood sureity for the Chinese suspect has been notified and asked to produce Ms. Huang by close of yesterday, Thursday, May 9 but she is yet to be seen.

He said the suspect breached her bail condition by refusing to appear  at the police station two clear days after her release, adding that police will take necessary legal action against the sureity to produce her.

She has not reported,” the crime officer disclosed, adding, “even a court can give order and people will refuse to go by it?

“We… as part of our bail condition, she is supposed to report yesterday, she hasn’t come, that’s why we released her to surety so if she doesn’t come, it’s the surety we will take action against. We have called upon the surety to impress upon him  to produce the suspect, if the surety doesn’t produce her, the next thing is that we will take the surety to court for the court to take action against the surety”.

Supt. Acheampong also disclosed that police will not allow the suspect further time to breach her bail condition.

“And then we have a lot of information about her, we have her picture we can publish her, we can declare her wanted and all that,” the crime officer stated .

The Northern Regional Police Crime Officer, Supt. Otuo Acheampong addressed the media on Tuesday, saying the woman was arrested Monday at about 9am, following an intelligence tip-off.

The rosewood lumbers were suspected to have been harvested around Damongo and other areas in the Savannah Region and the chinese woman evaded multiple security checkpoints before she was nabbed in Tamale.

“She claims she is the owner of the rosewoods and that she was transporting the products to Tema”, Supt Acheampong said.

The suspects did not have “log measurement and conveyance certificate as well as lumber inspection certificate”, the Crime Officer said.

“We also established that she did not have her passport on her for us to also to determine whether she has residence permit or working permit”.

The police added the Chinese woman could not also produce a single paper work permitting her stay and doing business in Ghana.

The consignments together with the Chinese suspect have been detained at the regional headquarters as further investigations are underway.

She has since been preliminary charged with possessing banned forestry products.

Meanwhile, Helen Hyuan told reporters that she was asked by the checkpoint police officers who arrested her to offer them bribe of about GH8,000, for her release, which she could not afford.

“When we got to the barrier the policemen were demanding money,” she said, while investigators whisked away.

“And because the negotiation was not allowed that’s why they sent me here. Each Container, they were demanding GH2,000”.

The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources in March this year, issued a total ban on rosewood conveyance, transportation and exportation.

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