Shatta Wale’s new love spotted riding a bicycle


Ghanaian actress, Kisa Gbekle, who was recently reported to be Shatta Wale’s new love has stunned social media with her latest photo. 

In the beautiful photos, the actress was spotted riding a bicycle as she relaxed in her village.
According to information gathered by, Kisa had visited that his village around the Aflao area to spend the weekend.

The actress was seen with a piece of cloth wrapped around her neck.

Kisa shared the photos on Instagram with the simple caption: “When I say am Ayigbe Toffee. Please believe me.”

Kisa’s fans have been impressed with the photos since the actress released them.

@jo.hnsonkelly was very impressed:”Pure natural beauty from Eweland. Please keep it up. am proud of you.”

@deejaymhyke believed Kisa:”You really are,I believed You @kisagbekle ?.”

@jijiglam was awed by the photo:”Oh lala this is awesome and freshly beautiful to see.”

@ezukekwawuvi wanted to know the exact place Kisa was: “Which part of Aflao is that my beautiful sister?”

@nowusuayeh agreed with Kisa:”This Ayigbe toffee fine ooo.”


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