Security Alert: We’ll burn & kill any armed robber’

After series of armed robberies within the Ablekuma enclave of the Ga Central Municipality, the youth in the community have resolved to use every means possible to protect themselves and take on these ‘ruthless’ armed robbers.

One of such means, which the youth are threatening to employ, albeit illegal, is that they will ‘burn and kill’ any armed robber they catch in any of the communities that fall under the Ablekuma region.

These communities, Today understands, include Borkorborkor, Block Factory, Joeman, Oduman, Nsakina, Alavanyo, Manhean and Afoaman—all suburbs within the Ablekuma community.

And sadly these communities have witnessed one armed robbery incident and the other, with the robbers robbing stores and in some cases killing their victims.

According to many of the youth, who spoke in angry tones to Today, they have been compelled to resort to this line of action because the police have ‘abandoned them to their fate.’


Consequently, they threatened to use all kinds offensive weapons (including cutlasses, knives, claw hammers, chisels among others) to protect themselves from these armed robbers.

They warned that they will equally not hesitate at all to use lorry tyres to burn any armed robber(s) they arrest in any of the above areas.


“Despite our many appeals to the police to come to our rescue, the presence of police patrol teams are hardly seen in these areas,” they bitterly complained.


The situation has created panic and fear, especially amongst the many residents in these communities.

The youth intimated that as far as police protection was concerned the Ablekuma area has been left out.

That, they stressed, was contributing to the high incidence of armed robberies within the Ablekuma region.


Narrating to the paper some recent robbery incidents at Block Factory, which have not come into the public space, an eyewitness who is also a resident at Borkorborkor, Edward Abeka, said the area has become a safe haven for armed robbers.


This, he explained, was as a result of the many shops located along both sides of the road.


These shops, Today gathered, included wholesale and retail provision shops, electrical and plumbing shops, coupled with mobile money vendors.

According to Abeka, on January 11, 2018 armed robbers stormed several shops along the Block Factory road demanding cash and provisions from the owners.

“Sadly, these armed robbers (numbering about five), after robbing a wholesale shop owner, (late Elija E.K. Asante, aka Wofa) shot and killed him, in the full glare of residents, some of whom had taken cover,” he recounted.


Today learnt that the late Wofa had since been buried. Indeed Today’s findings established that prior to the Block Factory robberies, these armed robbers had already attacked other retail shops in Joeman and made away with huge sums of money.

And just as the region appeared to be returning to normal, the armed robbers have struck again!


This time they stormed Manhean and robbed several stores and shops of its items and valuables.

Residents of Manhean told Today that the robbery incidents, which happened last week, involved three shops around the Manhean Junction area.

The residents told our reporter that these armed robbers who are armed with various kinds of guns do not hesitate to shoot and kill their victims.

Some of the residents also attributed the high robbery incidents in the Ablekuma region to unknown miscreants and drug peddlers.

Investigations by Today revealed that an uncompleted market at Ablekuma Abaase has been turned into a ghetto of wee smokers.  And this place, the paper further observed, was highly patronised by many of the youth in Ablekuma, Abaase, Block Factory and other places who go there to buy wee.


According to residents, many of the youth in the above-mentioned areas have resorted to smoking marijuana within the environs in the full glare of the public, damning the consequences.


Furthermore, Today established that there was no police station in the whole of the Abelkuma enclave, a situation that made it easy for armed robbers to strike at any given time.


The closest police stations to the Ablekuma area, the paper discovered, were located at Amasaman and Anyaa, which the residents bitterly complained often fail to respond to many of their distress calls.


Story: Kwamena ANANSE

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