Scientific Sanitation Solutions Sani Amansi hits Ghanaian mkt.

Scientific Sanitation Solutions  has introduced its latest product Sani Amansi water sanitizing solution into the Ghanaian market.

The Sani Amansi water sanitizing solution which was exhibited at the 7th edition of the West African clean Energy and Environment at the Accra International Conference Center (AICC).

Speaking with the media on the sidelines of the two days fair and conference, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Scientific Sanitation Solutions, Mr. Victor Adendorff explained that the reasoning behind the introduction of the water sanitizing solution is to save millions of people from drinking contaminated water.

According to him the product was specially designed for the treatment of unclean and unwholesome water for safe drinking.

He said the Sani Amansi Water Sanitizing Solution comes in a 4 grams sachet pack which is to be mixed in 20 liters water, and stir for just 20 seconds. After applying the product leave it for about 30 minutes and no matter how contaminated the water it will be safe for drinking.

“Water treated with Sani Amansi water sanitizing solution can remain for 48 hours” he hinted.

Mr. Adendorff further explained that Sani Amansi water sanitizing solution is effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria and kills a large variety of pathogenic bacteria.

The design of the product includes an innovative reagent, which is inorganic in origin and is composed big natural non-polluting substance whose raw materials bare organic minerals.  The technical scientific formula supports a diverse gut microbiota. He added.

Some of the ingredients contained in the product according to Mr. Adendorff are electrically charged products that act as a detoxifier band which improve the body’s pH balance. The core function of Sani Amansi is to sanitize water which is highly contaminated with pathogenic bacteria most of which are found especially in the rural areas where safe drinking water is not available. He noted.


Story: Franklin ASARE-DONKOH

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