School worship periods should be more inclusive – GES


Heads of schools have been advised against engaging in intense evangelization during worship hours in schools.

Most public schools in Ghana participate in an act of collective worship every week which is broadly Christian in nature.

However, stakeholders have in recent times raised concerns over the abuse of the worship periods. Issues to do with the imposition offertory, intensive deliverance services and other activities eating into instructional hours have raised eyebrows among stakeholders.

Speaking on behalf of the Volta Regional Director of Education, Mr. Mawusi Buadi, at a Pencil of Promise stakeholder engagement, the Regional Public Relations Officer, Forgive Agoha, bemoaned the act describing it as more of evangelism than education.

He said the 30 minute-worship period should provide an ideal time for life coaching and reflections on moral and ethical values that also make the section all-inclusive.

“We have the timetable to guide ourselves and as far as the service is concerned we strictly go by the time allocated for each activity. So they shouldn’t go beyond the time allocated. Even during that period, a teacher can be given the opportunity to educate the pupils on personal hygiene and keeping the environment clean. They can invite Guidance and Counselling coordinator at the education office to take the children career coaching and mentoring” he stated

The stakeholder meeting organised by Pencils of Promise; a Non-Governmental Organisation committed to improving the quality of education in Ghana is to among other things deliberate on churning out morally upright students by adhering to best practices in ensuring discipline among school children.


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