Sammy Awuku slams aspirants over insults

National Youth Organiser of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Sammy Awuku, has condemned the acrimonious nature of the campaign being waged by some youth activists of the party aspiring to contest the National Youth Organiser position in the impending National Congress.

According to him, the insults being thrown at each other in the campaign activities of these aspirants on social media have reached crescendo, a development, he noted, was not good for the party.

Commenting on the issue on Okay FM in Accra on Monday, January 22, 2018 Sammy Awuku stated that he and his predecessors had come a long way in building the youth wing of the party, adding that he’ll not sit aloof for gains that has been made over the years to be eroded by such negative acts.

He disclosed that he’ll soon call a meeting of all the aspirants of which all the former national youth organisers will be present, to caution the aspirants against waging a campaign in which they set loose their attack dogs on their competitors, adding that at that meeting a red line will be drawn and whoever crosses will be dealt with severely.

“You the aspirant if you are not able to control your campaign team then it means if you emerge as the National Youth Organizer you’ll not help the party. From that meeting day, anything negative that a campaign team uses to attack other competitors, we’ll print them all out and give them to the vetting committee for the aspirant to answer questions when he appears before the committee. The committee will subsequently take a decision as to whether the aspirant should be cleared or not. I’m going to be very tough and firm on all the aspirants who happen to be my friends.

“You have to tell the party youth what you can do for them when you become their leader and stop the insults and personal attacks. The challenge that will confront the next youth leader is that he’ll have to complement the efforts of government with the introduction of any initiative. So if they begin with insults whoever wins cannot count on the support of the others,” he said.


Story: News Desk

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