Romantic Love

Let us first of all have a clear distinction between infatuation and romantic love.

Infatuation is instant desire-one set of glands is calling to another.  Love is friendship that has caught fire. It takes roots and grows, one day at a time.

Feeling of insecurity marks infatuation. You are excited and eager but you are not genuinely happy.

There are nagging doubts, unanswered questions, little bits and pieces about your lover that you fear to examine too closely.  Love is quiet understanding and the mature acceptance of imperfection.  It is real.  It gives you strength and grows beyond you-to boost your lover.  You are warmed by his presence, even when he is away.  Miles do not separate you.  You want him nearer, but near or far, you know he is yours, and you can wait.  Infatuation says, “we must get married right away.  I can’t risk losing him.”

Love says, “Be patient, don’t panic. Plan your future with confidence.”

Infatuation lacks confidence.  When he is away, you wonder if he is cheating, sometimes you even check.


Love means trust

You are calm, secure and unthreatened.  He feels that trust, and it makes him even trustworthier.  Infatuation has an element of sexual excitement.

Love is maturation of friendship.  You must be friends before you can be lovers.

Infatuation might lead you to do things you will regret later, but love never will. Love makes you look up, think up. It makes you a better person than you were before. The woman who feels that way knows true love.


Romance and sex

There is a clear difference between romantic love and sexual intimacy.  Romance is so much more.  Romance lasts.  Romance generates a love so deep that if sex were not possible for whatever reason, love would still grow.

Romantic affection creates the necessary environment for a good marriage and sex is one of the main events.

Seven ways to romance your wife

These are the same ways to romance your husband.

  1. Tell her you love her. A woman wants to hear these three little words come from your mouth and your heart often. A phone call during the day with a simple “I love you” is great. Don’t overdo it. Love notes in her handbag or clothes drawer does wonders to confirm your love for her. Sign your note with a kiss and spray your perfume on it. A scripture of blessing over your wife, along with a P.S that says ‘I love you’ will do wonders.
  2. Praise her. Encouragement is so important. To tell your wife you are proud of her does more for her than you know. A husband’s support of his wife contributes to her success in her carer, or in her housewife work. Let her know that you appreciate all she does for you and your family. Women want to know that they are important. Don’t take her for granted!
  3. Take her out to dinner or prepare one day’s meal for her and the children. Women like to be pampered
  4. Give her gifts. When a husband buys a present for his wife, she feels like a queen with all the wealth of the world. The gift does not have to be expensive. The fact that you thought of it, with her in mind is more than sufficient. Women love presents.
  5. Surprise her. Date nights make for great surprise. Make arrangements for dinner and a movie. Sometimes put her favorite chocolate on her pillow so that she can find it when she prepares for bed. The anticipation that surprise creates is so essential for romance. Women love surprises.
  6. The power of your touch. Hold her hands, hug her. It is very important to show affection to your wife at every opportunity you get. Hold her hands when you are walking together, or pat her shoulder as you pass by her. Kiss her often. Women love hugs and kisses. Do not do this only during sex. But do it even when you are not having sex.
  7. As a woman, there is nothing more special as to know the man you love can be trusted and that he will never bring you heartache. Trust is the fabric of every human relation. Without trust there can be no confidence, emotional stability or hope for the future. Trust is the cornerstone of your marriage relationship. Remember the vows you made.


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