Robbers Strike In Santa-Maria 

Residents of Santa-Maria Last Stop in the Ga Central Municipality of the Greater Accra Region are currently living in fear as dare-devil armed robbers run amok in the area, robbing various households at will, Today can report. 

Even though the residents told Today that police were aware of the recent robbery attacks, they revealed that the attacks were incessant and continued on a daily basis.

They mentioned to Today that on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 some gang of armed robbers attacked a house near Hill-Top Preparatory and Senior High School in the area and robbed a female teacher.

They disclosed to Today that last week Friday the armed also invaded some houses near Santa Maria Last Stop lorry station and robbed some businessmen.

According to the residents, on September 5, 2016 some armed robbers also attacked a house near the same Hill-Top Preparatory and Senior High School and broke into a room robbing the victims of their various valuables including cloths hanging on ropes in the house.

The residents were of the opinion that the recent armed robbers were not the gang of robbers who robbed the businessman in the area on August 3, 2016 around 12:30 p.m., and subsequent the house on the Hip-Top Preparatory and Senior High School.

According to them, the robbers recently attacked some residents of Santa-Maria Last Stop, stealing their valuables and threatened to shoot their victims in the process.

A victim who spoke with Today after the attack said the hardened criminals, wielding deadly weapons, robbed four houses during the operation, which lasted a few hours. Household items, mobile phones, monies and other assorted items, they stated, were taken from the residents.

Another victim, who spoke to Today, said the armed robbers, numbering six, first came to his house and broke his door but could not enter because of a burglar-proof used to secure the door.

He noted that the armed men then went to the next house occupied by a couple and took away their mobile phones, a wedding ring and GH¢10.

Realising that the husband had only GH¢10, the robbers ‘beat him well well’ before moving to their next target.

Another victim who attempted to resist was hit with the butt of a gun in the face. Pellets of bullets fired from the guns of the armed robbers were later given to the police by residents.




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