The reputation of Ghanaian women have been ‘dragged into the mud’ by Moesha!

Ghanaian women were hit in the face as their hard-earned reputation and pride, was dragged into the mud, following some derogatory comments made by actress, Moesha Buodong, on CNN last week.

In an interview with CNN, Moesha Buodong was alleged to have said that, “in Ghana, our economy is such that you just need someone to take care of you because you can’t make enough money as a woman here.”


“When you want to get an apartment in Ghana, you pay two years advance and I just started working. Where will I get the money?”….

“He expects me to be loyal and give him sex when he wants… You can’t say no… You have to give him what he wants otherwise he is going to think you are cheating on him,” she was alleged to have said in the interview with CNN.


Her comments concerning Ghanaian women, followed severe public backlash and criticisms, most especially women in this country, who felt their image had been soiled.

I believe it was very unfortunate for Moesha to make such comments against women of her native land all in the name of her supposed ‘hard economy.’

However, there are lots of noble Ghanaian women who have made it in life through hard work and perseverance in order to become independent.

Her comments on CNN was uncalled for, as she could have attributed her alleged statements to her self without including all women in this country.

There is a respectable number of young and educated Ghanaian women who have acquired reputable jobs to take care of themselves and expenses as well as in the same ‘hard economy’ Moesha portrayed the economy of this country to be.

Indeed the virtue of the entire women and the country as a whole has been ‘rubbished’ in the eyes of the entire world.

The fact still remains that Ghanaian women are very hard working and industrious therefore not every single one of them will indulge in such activities.

Nonetheless, we have very decent Ghanaian women who are working very well in the ‘high economic situation;’ she referred Ghana to be in.

Depending on a man for survival solely depends on you as an individual.

Those who do not want to be dependent on men, establish themselves with one business or the other to make ends meet.  If due to her lavish lifestyle she wants to depend on men for that, she must live to that and rather not paint the image of innocent Ghanaian ladies, black.

One thing she must comprehend is that you must cut your coat according to your cloth


Driving in traffic, one could see enormous number of Ghanaian ladies, selling on the streets just to put food on their tables.


They could have engaged in prostitution or other means for survival but chose to work for themselves.  As a result of their quest to work for themselves, these efficient Ghanaian women can as well be seen at market centres selling.

The Bible makes us to understand that the hand, which does not work, must not eat.


Again, the Bible says that manna does not fall from Heaven.

My question to Moesha is that: is she expecting government to put money into her pocket or put food on her table?  Moesha’s comments against Ghanaian women on CNN are so unfortunate uncalled for and further needless.  She must bow her head down in shame and subsequently apologise to all Ghanaian women in this country and the nation as a whole.

Ghanaian women in this country and those in diaspora must rally together to demonstrate to the world that they can survive without selling their pride to any man whatsoever and further clear the wrong misconception portrayed to the world by Moesha.


Article: Bernard ARYEE

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