“I regret I didn’t have opportunity to speak for older persons”—Former Senator

Former Nigerian Senator Dr. Eze Ajoku has  expressed regret for not taking advantage  twelve years ago to speak for elderly person whiles in Senate.

He made this remark on Tuesday 26th of November 2019 when the two days workshop organized jointly by the Economic Community of West African States Parliament and National Human Right Commission of Nigeria, on the theme “Human Rights Framework and the Situation of elderly people in Africa”.

“I do not want any of the lawmakers here to have same regret, I have try to amend my regret that is why I am in the sub-regional Community Parliament to appeal to you all haven recognised the plight older person”.

He appealed to lawmakers to become advocates of older persons a class the lawmakers would join very sooner or later.

According to the former Senator when he joined an association of elderly persons in Nigeria, Coalition of Societies for the Right of Older Persons he notice that it was necessary to get a legal framework to define the basic right and privileges of  older person.

“As an elderly state man and former lawmaker, I cannot stand anywhere and say I have a right to anything, there is no legality to hold any person responsible for that, our organisation has started with a draft bill which is on the floor of the Nigerian Senate and has gone through first reading”.

He further appeal to lawmakers from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Parliaments, at their various National Assemblies  to start creating the basic right and privileges for the  for their older persons as a draft of the bill in the Nigerian Senate would be made available for adoption in the sub-region.

“If you have this same right you can move from Nigeria to Ghana and you would be accorded this same rights and privileges”.

Dr. Eze Ajoku, shared an experience with the sub-regional law makers, two weeks ago in Nigeria he went to the American embassy and spent only twenty-nine minutes to be served with more than three hundred people in line to be served.

“When they notice I was above seventy years, they jumped me and served me this is civilization, that is what we seek for elderly persons, some of this rights are not difficult so my colleagues lawmakers you have a major stake in this you can help fighting for older person”.

Members of Parliament play a very important role with everything that has to do with a Nation, MPs are not aware of the plight of older persons, what “I have found is disturbing and policy makers and MPs should not forget the fact that they would get old”.



Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Abuja

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