‘I regret beefing Reggie, Chicago’ 

Rapper, Ex-Doe, is full of regret for engaging in two of the fiercest rap beefs in Ghana in the late 1990s.

Well known for his beefs with Chicago and Reggie Rockstone, the rapper said he now regrets the incident and wished he wouldn’t have started them.

After the successful release of his hit-track ‘Daavi Mede Kuku’ in 1996, Ex-Doe and Chicago parted ways after the latter claimed that he wrote the rap of the song.

Ex-Doe, born Richard Kwasi Siaw Akrofi, unamused by the claims, recorded a ‘diss’ song, ‘Maba,’ to attack Chicago and Reggie Rockstone.

Chicago also replied Ex-Doe in equal measure with another ‘diss’ song, ‘Wo Be Ko.’


Speaking in an interview on the Cosmopolitan Mix on Joy FM on Tuesday, August 22, 2017 the rapper explained that “rap music is all about your punch lines.”

…and I took a jab at Reggie Rockstone because he claimed to be Osiekrom [Kumasi] President when he lives in Accra,” he added.


For his attack on Chicago, Ex-Doe said he was really hurt and disappointed when he heard Chicago claimed that he stole the ‘Daavi Mede Kuku’ song.

Those two beefs, according to him, gave him a bad reputation.

According to him, people said he was “rowdy” with others blaming him for starting the beefs.

“I was young and naïve…now I’m a grown up [and] I have realised that I cannot use this to make my friends become enemies,” he said.

“I apologised to all of them…I told them that I regretted doing a “diss song” to attack them,” the rapper said.


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