Rawlings comments withdrawal commendable but…

IT has really come at the right time, the apology and withdrawal of comments by former President, Jerry John Rawlings, for openly declaring that two of his successors—former President J.A. Kufuor and President John Dramani Mahama— are ‘evil’ and ‘rogue’ that lacked the integrity and credibility to run the administration of the country.

INDEED, the comments by the former president who has had the opportunity to rule the country for 19 years came as sudden shock and a surprise to most Ghanaians, considering his current role as a senior statesman with extreme repute and prominence in the body politics of the country.

WITHOUT any shred of doubt, former President Rawlings is also an epitome of someone that upholds our cultural values, and so for him to declare a former president as evil was certainly a distasteful dictum which should have been well understood by him.

WE at Today do not want to believe that the former president is sacrosanct or someone who is inviolable, but asserting that a former president is a rogue, places a grave indictment on his integrity and an utter disregard and respect for his personality and his office.

WE take great delight in the fact that he has had a deep reflection on his comments and has rendered an unqualified apology and a subsequent withdrawal but we would also want to caution Mr Rawlings to be decorous and also exercise a high level of restraint in expressing his views and concerns on issues and matters bothering the state.

WE at Today hold the view that though he still maintains his passionate position as a concerned Ghanaian, continuously making remarks and accusations that insult and dent the image and reputation of others without any evidence to back his claims put his integrity and credibility in doubt.

WE do not seek to stop the former president from indulging and speaking his mind on activities that bother on strengthening our institutions and counseling the younger generation on to travel on a pedestal of upholding and safeguarding the integrity of the country but we expect him to do so with outmost decorum.



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