‘Prophet Nigel sacked Zack from his church’


The decision by Abdul Razak Amissah, popularly known as Zack, former Manager of musician cum actor, Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin, to storm True Word Fire Prophetic Ministry, Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s church, was one that ended in a sad way for the Zack.

Speaking on the ‘Uncut’ show which was monitored by Today after his sack from the church, Zack disclosed that his decision to go to the church was all in his quest to make peace with the founder and leader of the church and to question the man of God about the ‘padlock prophecy’ but not with the intention to cause any destruction as some people suggested because he was not that stupid to go to a church and fight.

Zack in his chronology of the events which happened on the day added that he entered the church whiles Prophet Nigel was preaching and as soon as the man of God saw him, he directed him to leave his church together with his boys.

Zack, who also works as a movie editor and musician himself, said that immediately the command was given, some of the members of the church, who claimed to be policemen came over to lead him out of the church premises.

He, however, stated that the one thing that was quite surprising to him was how one of the junior pastors of Prophet Gaisie nearly pushed him out of the church premises because he was ‘angry’.


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