Progressive People’s Party…THE PARTY OF THE YOUTH

The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has burst onto the Ghanaian political landscape with canny dynamism unseen in Ghana’s political history.

This dynamism and change is evident in the countless number of youth who play various pivotal roles in seeing to the development and growth of the obvious third force in party politics in Ghana.

It was quite a sight at the VIP Wing of the Accra Sports Stadium when it went agog with youth from all over the country during the PPP’s national convention there last Saturday.

If sections of the population out there expected this convention to be a mere charade, then the current crop of executives of the party has given credence to the assertion that the PPP is, indeed, the party for the youth.

The National Youth Organiser of the party, Divine Nkrumah, is one such youth who has brought enthusiasm and as well convinced many youth to join the party with his familiarity with and experience in youth matters.

Through the efforts of Mr. Nkrumah and his executives the PPP has branches formed in almost all the tertiary institutions in the country.

Again, the office of the National Secretary is held by another dynamic young man, Kofi Asamoah-Siaw. His approach and dexterity in handling matters of the party from its onset till date lends credence to the fact that if the talents of the youth are harnessed in the right environment, they can turn things around for this troubled country.

The Progressive People’s Party has indeed shown the way to all the political parties to follow with youth matters.

The women’s leader of the party is a young, brilliant single lady, Ms. Belinda Bulley, who has untiringly been on her feet combing almost every market place, campaigning to attract women to join the party en masse.

As if that was not enough, the PPP also has another feisty young advocate by name Felix Ograh as its National Treasurer. He has conscientiously managed the funds of the party with integrity held up with truly innovative fund-raising concepts in the offing.

In addition, the constituency and regional executive slots of the party have been inundated with the youth, making it almost a fore-gone conclusion that the PPP is synonymous with youth.

This move, indeed, deserves commendation from all and sundry, who the party invites to join the PPP.

Checks online reveal that thousands of young people, who could not turn up at the Accra Sports Stadium, are almost always on the facebook page of the presidential candidate of the party, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, offering their support and commendation to the party.

This support base has metamorphosed into the forming of various volunteer groups, mainly to offer unflinching support to the party and its presidential candidate.

This however does not take anything from the fact that the party still has a strong support base from the elderly.

To the amazement of the teeming youth, some old men and women, some coming with the aid of walking sticks, found their way to the convention grounds on that fateful Saturday.

All that prove without any shadow of doubt that the PPP is an all encompassing party with an appeal for every age group.


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