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Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams born 12 May 1957 is the Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International   (ACI) ministry, headquartered in Accra,, Ghana. He is the founder of the Charismatic Movement which started 40 years ago in Ghana and other parts of West Africa.

Archbishop Duncan-Williams is also the Founder and President of Prayer Summit International (PSI). In 2017, Archbishop Duncan-Williams was named by the New African Magazine one of “The 100 Most Influential Africans. He became the first non-American to lead the prayer for the incoming President and Vice President of the United States of America (USA) during the inauguration of President Donald Trump.  Archbishop Duncan-Williams and his wife Rosa Whitaker   of The Whitaker Group have been named one of Africa’s power couples.

In 1957, Archbishop Duncan-Williams was born to Florence Bruce despite the fact that doctors had earlier told her that her pregnancy was a risk to her health and, therefore, conducted a medical procedure to terminate the pregnancy. Months later, Mother Florence discovered that Baby Nicholas survived the medical procedure. It was then discovered that she was actually carrying twins—with baby Nicholas being the only survivor.


His father, E.K. Duncan-Williams, an Ambassador, politician and chief, became actively involved in Nicholas’ life at the age of 16. With 43 sisters and brothers, Nicholas primarily raised himself learning the art of survival through difficult circumstances at a very young age. While growing up, on multiple occasions, he nearly lost his life. In 1976, on the bed of affliction—after tragically losing three of his fingers, Nicholas Duncan-Williams, was converted by nurses, Mrs. Raji, an Indian lady and the Acquah sisters, who evangelised to him on his hospital bed at now Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra. From that moment he gave his life to Christ and made a vow that he would spread the gospel throughout the nations and serve God for the rest of his life

After receiving his Holy Ghost baptism in the Church of Pentecost, he attended Bishop Idahosa’s Church of God Mission International Bible College in Nigeria to be trained as a pastor. After returning he founded the Christian Action Faith Ministries (CAFM) and the Action Chapel International (ACI). The CAFM was the first Charismatic church in Ghana. The Christian Action Faith Ministries has its headquarters at Action Chapel International, which is one of Accra’s largest mega-churches. Having started as a prayer meeting in his father’s house, CAFM moved to several locations (Fadama, Tradefair, International Students’ Hall, Diplomatic Shop) as it grew till it eventually came to find its headquarters at Spintex Road, where the Prayer Cathedral is located since 1992. Since then CAFM has grown across Ghana, Africa and the world with branches across Europe and North America.


He is also the Founder of an NGO Compassion in Action Africa that is transforming schools under trees into 21st-century primary educational facilities while also providing clean water and other forms of support. Compassion in Action also supports an orphanage with 150 children and a drug rehabilitation facility with 120 people recovering from drug addiction.

Archbishop Duncan-Williams is the Founder of Dominion University,[8] based in Ghana, which aims to train a new generation in excellence and ethical leadership for ministry, government, and business. He is also the founder and visionary of Dominion Television, a Christian lifestyle channel that is broadcast across 16 nations in Africa.


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