Prof Mpofu unveils book on Executive Compendium of Supply Chain Mgt Terms

Acting Executive Dean of Branford University in UK, Professor Raphael Tabani Mpofu, has unveiled a book titled “Executive Compendium of Supply Chain Management Terms.”

According to him, much of his research and writings over the past twenty years had focused on the power of the various aspects of supply chain management and in particular, procurement, logistics, and transportation to effectively facilitate industrialization, job creation and broader socio-economic development in developing economies like Ghana.

“Having already witnessed in my lifetime, the spectacular transformation through value chain thinking in developing economies like China, South Africa, South Korea, and even in South Africa and more recently, up and coming Rwanda, I strongly believe that with supply chain management, we can fast-track Ghana’s industrial driven growth agenda to benefit the ordinary Ghanaian. I applaud the President’ s Ghana beyond aid agenda and one district, one factory initiative” the UK Professor said.


He cautioned that such initiatives could only be sustained into the future if one understood the inextricable link between economic growth, job creation, service delivery, quality industrial competitiveness and supply chain management.


The woes and challenges globally missing in supply chain management according to Prof Mpofu, was due to the absence of what he described as “Bible”, a specific reference guide that one could turn to for information and clarity on definitions and practices related to their field.


According to him, his 5-years purposive study on c-suite and policymaker understanding of supply chain management revealed major gaps in knowledge and understanding.


He said, that was negatively impacting economic growth, industrialisation, national development, and increasing social stability.


Professor Mpofu stated that compilation of his first edition of the book took him five years and an additional two and a half years for the second edition, both of which were the only known, all-inclusive single chain management reference guides in the world, providing a one-stop sourcebook for supply chain related terminological, definitions, abbreviations, and calculations.


He also added that the book has been alphabetically organised for easy house, with all entries being carefully selected for their relevance to public and private professionals, academics and students alike.



Story: Prosper A. KWAKU SALASSY



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