Prof Adei Supports Punishment Of Students *Of Ejisuman SHS


Ghanaian educationist and former Director-General and Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Professor Stephen Adei, has defended authorities of Ejisuman SHS for de-boardinising some seven students.


The female students, who were in a viral video, imploring other girls to accept sexual advances from the opposite sex, were handed a dismissal from the boarding house.


The punishment, according to several children’s rights groups, appears harsh and will not purge them of their moral incapacities.


But Professor Adei, who is an expert in education and tutoring, believes the school’s decision was the very least of all alternative punishments to be given.


In an attempt to justify the school’s decision as an educationist, Prof Adei explained that being in a boarding house in a public school was a privilege not every child enjoys thus, if a student abuses such privileges, he or she must be stripped off such benefits to give way for others.


Prof Adei further clarified that the punishment meted out to the students does not imply in any way that authorities have given up on them but that it was a means to save other students whose moral fabric may be endangered.


While speaking is in an interview on Joy FM, Prof Adei said: “…Focus on the other students who may be affected by their actions, if they won’t learn from the de-boardinisation then I’m afraid they’re on their way to becoming prostitutes…If I were a parent and my child comes home like that, I’ll go and thank the teachers and then it’d be my responsibility from then…they’re not being denied education, they’re only de-boardinised,” Prof. Adei said.




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