Preventing any impending danger on the  Weija Kasoa Ridge


THERE is a worrying report of a looming danger hovering around the Weija-Kasoa Ridge.  That danger appears to threaten over 5,000 residents living around the area which is on the banks of the Weija Dam in the Ga South Municipality, Greater Accra Region.

ACCORDING to the report, the ridge faces an imminent landslide in the event of a heavy rainfall or an earthquake.

THE situation has been attributed to the activities of encroachers some of whom have been winning sand.  It is even understood that some of the encroachers use explosives like dynamites to blast the rocks and sell them to contractors, a development that has weakened the base of the mountain.

WHAT is more, tons of sand and rocks have been ripped away by diggers, excavators and bulldozers to provide concrete products for sale to prospective buyers

CONSEQUENTLY, Today has learnt that the development has contributed to an enormous environmental destruction. And equally frightening is the fact that the ridge is located at an earthquake-prone and earth tremor zone.

AND though the Ga South Municipal Assembly has placed warning signs at various quarry sites to prevent people from engaging in further illegal activities, some recalcitrant encroachers reportedly have moved to the blindside of the ridge, a location between Tuba and Kokrobite, and were currently carrying on with their activities.

IT is in the light of the above that the paper finds it worrying activities of those encroachers as they were gravely putting residents in the area at high risk.  This is where we want to charge our security agencies to liaise with the Ga South Municipal Assembly to move in and clamp down on the illegal activities of those encroachers.

WE also want to appeal to the government to see what kind of help they can offer to residents at the Weija-Kasoa Ridge.  We must act now before disaster strikes!


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