Prestea MP clears air on controversial incubator

Member of Parliament (MP) for Prestea Huni-Valley Constituency in the Western Region and deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Mrs Barbara Oteng-Gyasi, has clarified the controversy surrounding an incubator installed by the Kokrokoo Foundation at the Prestea Government Hospital.

The installation of the incubator was done in 2017.

Speaking in an interview, Mrs Oteng-Gyasi said: “as part of Kwame Sefa Kayi’s One Hospital, One Incubator campaign, it was possible for anyone to donate money and specify where the facility should be installed.”

She added: “I donated the said amount and appealed to them to install it at the hospital in Prestea, which Kokrokoo Foundation did perfectly. So I am really surprised this has generated so much controversy within the constituency.”

It will be recalled that this incubator issue became a subject of discussion on MPU-NE-MPU, a political show on Best 90.5 FM in Bogoso, Western Region, a couple of weeks ago.

However, after the issue broke up in the area, some concerned youth, led by members of the Prestea Communicators for Development (PCD), went down do Prestea Government Hospital to see if the incubator was serving its purpose.

Speaking to a senior nurse on condition of anonymity, he said: “at the moment, the incubator is not serving its purpose because there is no air conditioner at the Children’s Ward to give the temperature needed for it to work.”

He noted that “so now it is not serving its optimal purpose and recommended immediate fixing of air conditioners to make the US $10,000.00 worth facility serve its purpose.”

She noted that the place was now serving access for snakes into the hospital. Last year, two big snakes used that route into the hospital, which were killed.

The MP said, she has been pushing so hard for construction of Prestea Town Roads as well as Prestea to Bogoso roads and thus was her hope that, very soon her efforts will yield the necessary results.

Speaking to Today on the issue, the youth thanked Mrs Oteng-Gyasi for her efforts, saying they will still appeal for that the air conditioner needed to make the incubator function to be provided.

They also appealed to the Municipal Chief Executive of the area, Mr Mozart K. Owuh, to consider giving the Prestea Government’s Hospital a facelift.



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