Akufo-Addo wishes all Muslims Eid Mubarak

On behalf of my wife, family and government, I wish Muslims in Ghana and around the world Eid Mubarak.

We thank Allah for seeing us through one month of fasting, prayer and devotion. I have no doubt that after nights of intense prayer and devotion, Allah would increase his favour upon our country and, insha Allah, by the next Ramadan our country would be better than it is today.

The month of Ramadan has certainly drawn us closer to Allah than we were before. It has also taught us the virtues of prayer, patience, piety and faith. These are virtues that we need all year round. I, therefore, urge all of us to hold fast to these values and not lose them merely because we are no longer in Ramadan.
Above all, let the spirit of friendship, brotherhood and love that characterized our activities in Ramadan continue to influence our relationship with our fellow Ghanaians. With a sense of unity of purpose, we shall realize our goals.

I wish you a happy celebration and may Allah make our nation great and strong.

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