The Caucus for Democratic Governance, Ghana (GH-Gh) with this article, seeks to analyse the governance politics of the day. General opinion suggest that Ghana deserves more than what is being presented by the NPP Government. Politics directed to projecting tribal State Capture is a jacket that does not fit Ghana. Indeed, politics driven by inordinate ambition, greed and scramble for wealth through corruption destroys national growth and prosperity. Politics that neither respect the citizenry nor listens to the voice of the oppressed sends bad signals to the tax payer and voter.

Leadership is all about inspiring people through dialogue, not through the barrel of a gun or use of force. Leadership is being able to discern the needs of the country and its people, and working for their good.
A Government suppressing and creating constant fear through :
the application of Police and Military terror;
the display of unbridled impunity, and arrogance;
serving as clearing agent and shelving Committee reports
the use of terror groups and Police to suppress and shoot people, during Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election
sending armed soldiers, to border towns in the Volta Region, with the mandate to suppress registration and to search houses of innocent citizens at night ; is a bad and irresponsible Government.
Macro economic figures
A Government that falsifies macro economic data during budget presentation in Parliament, but gives the true figures to IMF, is a bad Government. A Government that promises and tells lies to deceive people on its achievements is a bad Government.
Ghana`s economy is close to collapsing. An economy that receives 53 billion in revenue; but seeks to borrow 150 billion to finance its budget. An economy that has 346 billion National Debt; yet Dr Bawumia the chief economist, leaves his terrain and takes over – as usual – the shameful duty of presenting falsified data on NPP achievements. Academia is usually characterized by honesty. For Dr Bawumia constantly to tell lies in his presentations with polished figures, is an art of propaganda. I am however of the opinion, that propaganda at best should be left to foot soldiers and not to intellectuals.

Dr E.K.Hayford
Executive Director, CDG-GH
0277606338 / 0507694343

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