Police arrest Nigerian woman for trafficking; rescue 13 girls

Police at Tarkwa in the Western region have arrested a Nigerian woman for allegedly trafficking a number of girls from her country to Ghana to engage in prostitution.

Victoria Omotayo promised to offer the young ladies lucrative jobs in Ghana because her company was in need of sales girls.

“She approached them and her parents and told them that she is a businesswoman in Ghana with a very big business and they are into sales so she needs about four ladies to help her with sales. So pursuant to this information, the ladies were given to her to come to Ghana,” Superintendent Kwabena Acheampong reporters.

According to the Supt Acheampong, the sales job never happened. The girls were forced into prostitution by Ms. Omotayo who further threatened them with death if they ever informed anyone about it

Superintendent Acheampong said the girls walked to the police station to report their ‘boss’ at dawn on yesterday after two weeks of being forced into the illegal act.

“When they arrived in Ghana their hair, pubic hair, nails [had been shaven], brassieres and panties were taken to put fear in them that if they dare run away from what they came to do, they would be killed and out of fear they obliged,” the police officer said.

Police acted swiftly, followed the girls to their hideout and arrested Victoria.

They have so far, rescued 13 girls between the ages of 18 to 26 from the hideout where they were forced to live.

The police have also mounted a search for a 16-year-old girl who was reportedly ill following an illegal abortion conducted on her by Victoria.

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