Betrayal and traitorous politics does not make one wiser and better.

You were the deputy general secretary of the great NDC, you loved your party.
Your contribution and ideas for the success of the party was well embraced, you stood well with your party and your party has made you what you are today.
Contesting your boss for his position as the general secretary of the party was the biggest mistake of your life.
“The axe will bring down the tree but without a piece of the tree the axe is considered useless.”
There’s no political party without internal misunderstanding, but this your own is betrayal and undemocratic.
Voters rejecting your bid to become the general secretary of the party simply means they didnt trust you and you have proven them right.
Koku, you may go your way in peace, but don’t try to tarnish the image of the party that once put food on your table and made you what you are today.
We have seen your type of politicians, they ended up frustrated and lost all political opportunities around them. NPP will praise you for indirectly sabotaging your party, but they will not accept a politician like your type.
We have young politicians trying to rise in the party, you are discouraging them, and this is selfish on your side.
The media giving you the opportunity to openly support someone who was once on president Mills’s nerve each day is a platform to just display how traitorous you can be.
Prof Mills will not applaud a boy he raised like you.
Leave in peace.

Courtesy Mantse Ayitey


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