Picture of puppy looks so much like a penis Facebook had to ban it

There’s definitely something about this little puppy that looks oddly familiar.

Well, if you haven’t worked it out already, we might as well break it you – it looks like a penis.

Unfortunately for its owner, Facebook decided it was too phallic to meet its ‘community standards’.

Dominic Ibaos, 16, shared a photo of little Dimitri asleep in his hand, with his bald body and wrinkled head exposed for everyone to see.

He only realised the rare Xoloitzcuintli dog, or Mexican hairless, could be mistaken for something else when the same photograph was banned from a local animal lovers group.

Facebook notified Dominic that his image had been removed from the group because it ‘didn’t follow their community standards’.

Dominic, from Davao City in the Philippines, said: ‘It’s really hard for me to see the penis perspective because when I look at it I always just see the puppy.

‘I got a notification saying it had been blocked a few minutes after I posted it to the group.

‘At that time I didn’t realise it looked like a penis because when I first posted it to Facebook all I saw was a photograph of an innocent puppy.

‘It actually made me really angry for a moment, but I feel better about it now because people find it hilarious.

‘It just makes me happy that people find it so funny. One person told me it was the best laugh they’d had for weeks.’

Although Dimitri was born in a litter of three, he was the only hairless puppy.

He follows in the footsteps of Dimitri’s hairless dad Dante, who has become a local hero for his coincidental likeness to his goofy namesake in Disney Pixar’s Coco.

Dominic, who has 12 dogs altogether, said: ‘The hairless dogs are really quite rare where I live.

‘Usually we don’t really see dogs without hair and it’s really funny to see one.

‘I love the breed. People get weirded out when they touch the dog’s skin – they think the dog’s had an illness or that I have shaved him.

‘I actually used all of my savings to purchase Dante last year.’


Source: BBC

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