It pays to do quality job —Sakyi-Addo to journalists

Celebrated broadcaster and Board Chairman of the National Communications Authority (NCA), Kwaku Sakyi-Addo, has called on journalists to exercise a high level of circumspection in their work. 

He said journalists should not misuse their positions to tarnish the hard-earned reputation of others.

According to him, journalists must undertake their duties in the most acceptable

professional manner. The Icon of many journalists was speaking on Eezy FM flagship programme: “Conversation With Mike Eghan.”

“The fundamental preparation for a journalist is your work, your work is your currency and the denomination is your name.”

“So if the potential guest has to work hard to know who you are or his team or handlers have to scramble to decide whether or not you are worth the time then it is going to be difficult,” he noted.

“Your work must speak for you and the good thing about our work as journalists is that it is out there and if you can ride a horse, you don’t need a certificate to prove it. For a journalist, the work you put out every day is your recommendation, is your testimonial and you don’t need your boss to write it for you.”

He also encouraged the youth to remain resolute in the pursuit of their dreams in the face of these trying times.



Story: By Eezy FM



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