Pastor warns against legalising homosexuality

Founder and Leader of Hope of Glory Prayer Ministry (Last Stop Prayer Camp) at Broadcasting on the Accra-Kasoa Highway in the Greater Accra Region, Prophet Julius Atachie, has descended heavily on the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, on her decision to help Ghana legalise homosexuality.


In the view of the man of God, Prime Minister May has no moral right to tell any African country to legalise homosexuality or any immoral act because according to him, African countries and their leaders, were no more under the British rule and for that matter, all African countries enjoy sovereignty as Britain does.


“The western people are taking Africa for granted because they think without them, Africa cannot survive, forgetting that African countries have a lot of mineral resources that if well managed, could make the continent the most powerful one in the world,” the man of God told Today in an interview.

It will be recalled that Prime Minister May while addressing the Commonwealth Heads of government meeting in London said she “deeply regrets” the UK’s role in introducing anti-gay laws.


She said the UK’s role seems to have resulted in a “legacy of discrimination, violence and even death,” in some of its former colonies.


Most former colonies of Britain frown upon homosexuality and have as part of measures to curtail it, introduced criminal laws against it.

While addressing the gathering in the UK, Mrs May said, “I’m all too aware that these laws were often put in place by my own country. They were wrong then, and they are wrong now.”


Prophet Atachie reaffirmed that Ghana will continue to uphold the high moral values her forefathers bequeathed to them, emphasising that no amount of pressure from the western world would compel them to give up such precious values.


“Both Islamic, traditional and Christian Religions spell out punishment to those who practice homosexuality. Therefore, it is important for our leaders to come out with a strict law that will prescribe strong punishment for those who practice homosexuality because their attitudes have negative implication on our dignity as Ghanaians because Ghana is known as a religious country,” he said.


Aside from that, Prophet Atachie indicated that homosexuality was against the culture values of Ghanaians.

“It is also against the will of God and an abomination before God for anyone to indulge in homosexuality or anything of that nature,” he warned.


He, however, cautioned Ghanaian leaders not to make any attempt to legalise homosexuality, else they will incur the wrath of God, saying, “no president or prime minister or politicians has the power to overturn the decision of God which states that homosexuality is a detestable act.”


Prophet Atachie was of the view that, it was important for Ghanaian leaders to know that they swore by the Bible and Quran and these two holy books frown on homosexuality as a result, any leader who will dare to act contrary to what he or she sworn by, will invite doom upon him or herself.


He asserted that Ghanaian prophets and clergymen at one breadth should be blamed for some of these social vices.

This, he explained, was because their teachings centred more on prosperity.


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