Pastor counsels couples

Head pastor of the kingdom Life Worship Centre, Rev. Duke Otoo has admonished potential couples against pre-marital sex.

According to him, the Holy Bible frowns upon such an act when partners are not legally married.

He further noted that partners who are not legally married but go ahead to have sexual intercourse with each other, “have automatically created a breach of trust in regards to their marriage should they subsequently get married”.

“Since you are not legally married but proceeded to have sex, the possibility of having sex outside your matrimonial home as well as infidelity, is bound to occur when you finally tie the knot”, he said.

He was speaking on the topic “living with an insecure spouse” on Faith Today, on the Faith TV channel on Thursday February 12, 2018.

Rev. Otoo was however of the view that partners who indulge in sex before marriage, have unknowingly sown a seed of insecurity which will further have the tendency of affecting their marriage.

Touching on some of the issues which can put a married man into a state of fear of losing his spouse, he indicated that if the husband is not able to carter for the wife financially, he sets into a position of prospectively losing his wife to another man who has the financial muscle to take care of her needs.

He also added:  “When a man is not able to perform his duty on bed as a real man, it also contributes to a state of insecurity and further puts the man in a state of pandemonium with the perception that his wife may resort to another man in order to satisfy her sexual feelings and pleasure”.

“A husband whose wife is physically endowed in some cases is likely not to allow his wife to dress in a manner which may attract the attention of other men”, he said.

In order not to create any sort of infidelity and suspicion between wedded couples, Rev. Otoo stated that, both husband and wife must be honest, truthful, and opened up to each other.

This he mentioned, will curb the alarming rate of divorce experienced by Christian married couples in this country.

Rev. Otoo further used the occasion  to admonish married couples who commit adultery outside their matrimonial home, to desist from such act, adding that it is an enormous sin against God which has the tendency of invoking the wrath of God upon their lives.

“The desire to go for another woman or man even in marriage is bound to occur, but in all, you have to strengthen yourself in order to eliminate your emotional lust”, he indicated.


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