Palmer blasts Nii Lante over bribery allegations

A member of the Executive committee of the Ghana Football Association, (GFA) Mr. Wilfred Osei Palmer has charged former Minister of Youth and Sports, Nii Lante Vanderpuye to instantaneously substantiate bribery allegations levelled against some officials of the federation.

The Member of Parliament (MP)  for the Odododioodioo constituency whose tenure as minister was characterised with incessant verbal attacks on the top hierarchy of the GFA in a radio interview allayed strong claims over some officials of the FA saying “that some officials of the FA attempted to bribe him financially to kowtow to their demands”.

Hon.Nii Lante Vanderpuye- Former Minister of Youth and Sports

Mr. Vanderpuye also alleged that there are a lot of things” he has chosen to keep mute on because of the dire consequences it will have on the GFA but such assertions, according to Mr. Palmer has a tendency of undermining the integrity of the officials of the GFA of whom he has enjoyed a very cordial relationship during his tenure as minister.

“I dare him to provide hard-core evidence with all the speculations he is alluding to. You don’t have to destroy your fellow human beings with mere allegations. We have dealt with so many ministers but I don’t think we have had so many problems like we did with Hon.Vanderpuye”.

“Why would somebody who served as sports minister speak like that? To say that some officials of the GFA were in bed with the previous sports ministers to dupe the state is just not right especially from someone like Hon.Vanderpuye. He could also be described as corrupt because he failed to reveal names of those who tried to bribe and I think that’s even more criminal”

Many believe his feud with Ghana FA was the cause of the Black Stars’ slow start to the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers and also, the Ghana U-20 team failing to qualify for the 2017 African Youth Championship.

Meanwhile the Tema Youth owner has called for a sub-committee within the GFA structure to deal with differences between the executive committee members following a purported rift between GFA President, Kwasi Nyantakyi and his deputy, George Afriyie.

“It’s about time we set up a sub-committee in the FA structure to arbitrate with such unfortunate incidents that has a tendency to deplete the leadership of the FA.

Their rift has really affected us as a body. When the president and his deputy don’t click then you should there is a problem that could affect our operations” , Mr.Palmer noted.


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