Oti Region proponents warn protesters

The proponents of Oti Region from the Volta region have issued a stern warning to protesters of the idea to back off.

 The Association of Western Togoland Youths-(ASWETOY), Concerned Citizens of Volta Region-(COCI-VOLT) are said to be kicking against the move by government to create a new region.

But the Krachi Youth Association in a statement said the Oti enclave has been denied of meaningful developments and that the creation of the new region will give them the needed social amenities which they lack.

The group doubted if the agenda by these groups opposing to the Oti Region creation are  supported by prominent chiefs and politicians of the South.

“Why are they deceiving the public and portraying the issue as if the people of the Northern Volta enclave are all Ewes? The people in that area are predominantly Guan and Twi speaking people.

“While our southern neighbours can boast of the best social amenities from Ho to Hohoe to Keta and other places, we have none of that to boast off. While they can boast of the best schools, hospitals, and other public and private institutions, we have nothing worthwhile to show. While most of their roads are tarred, we in the north must navigate tortuous roads in order to trade, access health care and get to our destinations”, the PRO of Krachi Youth Association Barnabas Yeboah said in the statement.

The group assured its support and cooperation for the Justice Brobbey’s Commission which has been charged to work on the processes for the new creation.

“We would like to use this opportunity to warmly and respectfully welcome the Justice Brobbey’s Commission to the Volta Region and most importantly to the Oti enclave and specifically Kete-Krachi. We are so far, satisfied with the ongoing processes and the schedule of public hearing for the Volta Region.

“We wholeheartedly support the arrangement since we from the Oti enclave will be directly affected. We are more than excited, elated and glad that the Commission is reaching out to us the beneficiaries. We want to assure them of our fervent support and cooperation throughout the process”, it stated.

It further called on the security agencies to be on the alert to prevent any untoward by people who might want to stall the work of the commission.


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