Online nude pictures not good—DKB

Nudity has taken over the showbiz world as a means of quick hype, mostly ladies indulge in the form of media seeking attention and at the end of the day, achieve the aim of exposing their nudes to the general public.

Ghana King of comedy, Derrick Kobina Bonney, DKB, has turned into a social media vigilante by getting rid of these explicit images off the internet.

Establishing himself as an advocate to end nudity online, the comedian has painted over every x-rated image on social media with the hash tag #EndNudity2018.

“The naked pictures thing has become so rampant, it has become a norm amongst ladies who want to get quick hype or media attention. Most of the ladies who indulge in this act do so blindly, forgetting there is a future consequence. This awareness I have embarked on is just to save the innocent ones coming up and seeing this as a normal thing because the people they look up to are doing it” he said.

The worried comedian also mentioned that to hold any political office or any form of corporate job one cannot expose his or her  body to the world.


“It is an established fact that these naked pictures are tools to deny them their dream job”, he said.

“These things may seem very advantageous at the beginning because of the massive hype you’d be getting but trust me, in the near future you’d be laughing at the wrong side of your mouth. This campaign I am doing is to draw their attention to the future circumstances of their actions. They have the right to do whatever they please since they have their basic human right. My concern is just to create awareness”, he added.

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