Obrempong Wetse Kojo II inducted by Alata Ngleshie Stool Palace

Newly installed Paramount Chief of James Town, Obrempong Wetse Kojo II, has been inducted into the Alata Ngleshie Paramount Stool Palace by the principal kingmakers and elders of Alata Ngleshie Traditional Area.

The ceremony, which was held on Friday, February 16, 2018 in Accra, also witnessed the performance of traditional and customary rites, which were undertaken by the Chief Priest (Wolumo) of Ngleshie Alata, Numo Bosompa.


His induction into the Alata Ngleshie Paramount Stool House forms part of ceremonies that will officially enable Obrempong Wetse Kojo II to ascend the throne of Alata Ngleshie Paramount Stool to succeed the late James Town Mantse, Obrempong Kojo Ababio V, who passed away on the 22nd of December, 2017 after a short illness.


Among the traditional rites, Nii Appiah of We slaughtered a ram to induct Obrempong Wetse Kojo II into the James Town Palace after which elders of Adanse and Ajumako clans also performed some rites as custom demanded of the Ga State.


After the ceremony, Obrempong Wetse Kojo II took a tour of the palace facility and inspected the palace, in the course of which he danced amidst cheers and jubilation from the royal drummers.


Obrempong Wetse Kojo II, known in private life as Dr. Prince William Asharku Bruce-Quaye, was installed and enstooled on Friday, February 1, 2018 after satisfying all the required customary processes of the Ngleshie Alata Paramount Stool.

His selection, nomination, election and enstoolment followed an agreement reached by the kingmakers of the two gates of Ngleshie Alata James Town Stool; Nii Kofi Akrahie We and NiiWetseKojo We.


Obrempong Wetse Kojo II also swore the oath office, secrecy and allegiance before the Ngleshie Alata Stool.

Dr. Ashely Bruce-Quaye is an Information Technology Consultant (ICT) and a Fellow member of the Institute of Certified Business Analysts and Consultants, Ghana.

He is also a Doctorate Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Specialists (CIMS) USA and CEO of Bridgeway Investments.



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