NSMQ2018: Ghana National sends SWESCO, SMASCO packing

Cape Coast-based Ghana National College (GNC) defeated Swedru SHS and St. Mary’s Sem & SHS in Tuesday morning’s 1/8 contest to qualify for the NSMQ quarterfinals.

GNC’s 57 points were enough to quash opposition from Swedru SHS (SWESCO) whose 43 points could have otherwise been enough to see them through if they were in some other group.

Lolobi-based St Mary’s Seminary and SHS (SMASCO) in the Volta Region were defined as underdogs for the day after they salvaged a paltry 28 points, less than half of what the winners scored.

The round one ended with all three schools scoring 12, 16 and 19 points with GNC in the lead and Swedru trailing them.

GNC however, pulled far ahead in round two, with a stunning 35 points opening a15-point gap between them and Swedru.

The chances of the all-boys St Mary’s to turn their fortunes around weakened in the third round after they scored only 4 points in the problem of the day; 2 points short of what Swedru got and 3 short of leading GNC.

After a good fourth round performance from all three schools and a not so bad final round, GNC ended in style to send both SMASCO and SWESCO packing.


End of Contest:

Ghana National College: 57 pts

Swedru SHS: 43 pts

St. Mary’s Sem. SHS, Lolobi: 28 pts

End of round 4:

Ghana National College: 54 pts

Swedru SHS: 37 pts

St. Mary’s Sem. SHS, Lolobi: 25 pts

End of round 3:

Ghana National College: 41 pts

Swedru SHS: 27 pts

St. Mary’s Sem. SHS, Lolobi: 15 pts

End of round 2:

Ghana National College: 35 pts

Swerdu SHS: 20 pts

St. Mary’s Sem. SHS, Lolobi: 11 pts

End of round 1:

Ghana National College: 19 pts

Swerdu SHS: 16 pts

St. Mary’s Sem. SHS, Lolobi: 12 pts


Source: Myjoyonline

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