Of NPP national delegates’ conference, vote buying et al

THERE is no dispute about the fact that Ghana’s democratic dispensation since the inception of the Fourth Republican Constitution has come far.

INDEED within a space of twenty-six (26) years, Ghana has successfully organised six national elections.

AND all these elections were described as free, fair and transparent by the international observer teams that come to monitor them.

THUS, it is no surprise that our democracy has become the envy of many African democracies and even the international community.

IT is against this backdrop that we as a people and a country must do all that it takes to jealously guard our democracy and avoid practices that have the potential to derail the process.

AND for the above reason Today applauds the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) for successfully organising its 26th National Delegates’ Conference, which witnessed the election of new officers to steer affairs of the party in the next four years.

WE cannot wish away the fact that political parties play crucial roles in democracies. In fact, political parties constitute the bedrocks of multi-party democracy.

TO all the elected executives, we wish them well and expect them to contribute meaningfully towards sustaining the growth of our democracy.

HOWEVER, it is important that Today points out a practice that is gaining roots in our democracy—vote buying.

IT is an issue that must not be treated lightly, especially when its continuous practice dents the credibility of our democracy.

CLEARLY, the 1992 Constitution frowns upon vote buying of any kind, and we believe this was borne out of the reason that the practice undermines fair play in any electioneering contest.

FURTHER, the practice is a recipe for relegating competent persons who do not have the wherewithal to do politics to the background.

IT is obvious that some vote buying went on before, during and even after the NPP national delegates ‘conference.

IF not that, then what can be said of the 275 mini-buses purchased by the then acting National Chairman of the NPP for the 275 constituencies of the party?

IN the estimation of Today, political parties must put in place mechanisms to check vote buying during their internal contests.

IN this way there will be no doubts on the outcomes of their internal elections.

WE should be seen to be building not only a vibrant democracy but a credible one as such.

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