NPA must heed Otumfuo’s wise call

THE continuous mushrooming of filling stations, especially in residential or densely populated areas should be of grave concern to all of us as a country.

OF course, this is not the first time we are commenting on such an important matter, which bothers on national security.

OUR earlier comments on this subject were in the light of the high risk(s) such filling stations close to residential areas posed to lives and properties.

WELL Today has had to comment on this matter first, because of the fact that we continue to see the siting of these filling stations—particularly in densely populated areas in our cities and towns, and second, a call by the Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, on the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) to find a lasting cure to the issuance of reckless licences for the opening of fuel filling stations in the country is in order.

IN the view of the revered chief of Ashanti Kingdom, such an action plan must factor background checks of applicants as well as the ecology of where they intend to site the filling stations before issue them with licences.

INASMUCH as we appreciate the call by  Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, it is imperative to state that the key element is NPA making sure that regulations governing the opening of filling stations are strictly adhered to.

THAT includes the state body cracking the whip by shutting down filling stations which location pose danger to lives and properties.

FOR us on this paper we believe that when such actions are taken by the NPA there will be sanity in the space of opening of fuel filling stations.

SOMETIMES it beats the imagination of well-meaning Ghanaians when they think of the criteria used by the NPA in the issuing of licences.

IN fact the location of some of the filling stations in the country leaves much to be desired, setting many to wonder whether NPA indeed granted approval for the opening of such filling stations.

IT is the light of the above that Today believes the NPA must act on the advice of Otumfuo if indeed we want to sanitise the opening of fuel stations in the country.  And until the regulatory body begins cracking the whip on filling stations that fall foul of its regulations and stop granting reckless licences we will continue to have many of the siting of these dangerous filling stations!

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