Non-formal education neglected —Pamoja Ghana

National Coordinator for Pamoja Ghana, a leading non-governmental advocate for Non-formal Education, Matthew Atinyo, has bemoaned the manner the country has neglected the educational sub-sector.

 The retired lecturer implored the Akufo-Addo administration not to overemphasise the formal educational sub-sector at the expense of the equally invaluable non-formal sub-sector.

Mr Atinyo made the observation at a press conference at the Institute of Local Government Studies (ILGS), Accra at the weekend.  The press conference coincided with the International Literacy Day and it was on the theme: Literacy an Skills Development.”

He stressed that non-formal education comprises all the literacy, numeracy and skills development that take place outside the formal educational structure or environment, from basic to tertiary level.


Mr Atinyo revealed that over 750,000,000 people worldwide cannot read and write, and suggested that it was time “we went back to the past when children of school age were dragged to school and defaulting parents and guardians sanctioned.”



The news conference attracted the print, electronic and online media from parts of the country.


In a solidarity message on the International Literacy Day, Dr Francis G. Adjei of the Department of Adult Education and Human Resources, highlighted attention, restructuring, decentralisation, budget allocation of at least 6% for the non-formal education sub-sector, among others.


The media’s attention was drawn to the fact that their work was an aspect of non-formal education, hence they should partner Pamoja Ghana in the advocacy for desired standard of Non-formal Education to help reduce the unemployment and other challenges the country is grappling with.



Story: Kwamena ANANSE



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