‘No Road, No Vote For 2020!’


CONCERNED traditional leaders and youth of Gomoa Dominase, a farming community in the Gomoa East District of the Central Region have decried the deplorable state of their main road, lamenting that “their road has now become a big fishing pond.”


According to the visibly worried residents, their road is so bad to the extent that anytime there is a heavy downpour; parts of the road eventually flood, making it difficult for vehicles to ply it [road].


That situation, they stressed, was adversely affecting movement in the area.


Aggrieved over the situation, the residents have threatened to boycott the 2020 general election if their road network leading to the town was not fixed by the government of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.


They expressed their disappointment over failed promises made by both the previous and current governments to fix the deplorable Gomoa Dominase road.


“We have been promised by both the previous and the current governments to fix our major road in the area but till now nothing has been done about it. We the traditional leaders and youth have made a lot of appeals to them to fix it but nothing has been done,” they emphasised.
They pointed out that both the previous and the current governments have made several promises to fix the Gomoa Dominase deplorable road network but failed to honour their pledges.


According to them, even though they have complained countlessly about the nature of the road on to the necessary authorities, the road was still in a disastrous state.


Some of the aggrieved residents who spoke to Today said they feel neglected and betrayed by politicians who promised them to construct the road after voting them to power.


They questioned the essence of voting for any political leader, when according to them, they were “only going to be abandoned with their challenges at the end of the day.”


The situation, the residents noted, was equally affecting economic activities in the area as commercial vehicles sometimes refuse to ply the route.


They disclosed that just last week, a woman with her three-month-old baby and four-year-old son were seriously drenched in the rain in the area because no vehicle was ready to transport them to their destination due to the bad nature of the road,” the residents bemoaned.


They wondered what would happen if someone was sick or a pregnant woman was in labour with no car to send them to the hospital.


The residents, who are planning to put a big “No Road, No Vote Banner’ at the junction leading to the town, have also threatened to deal ruthlessly with any politician who will come to the area for political campaigns.


Against this background, the residents called on their Member of Parliament (MP), Mr Kojo Asemanyi, and the District Chief Executive of Gomoa East District Assembly to impress upon President Akufo-Addo’s New Patriotic Party (NPP) government to fix their road.


“We are calling on our MP and DCE to use their high offices to lobby for the construction of the road that links to Gomoa Dominase to improve our living conditions and also save lives and properties,” they appealed.



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