‘No More Allowances for public boards’


Today can report that members of boards and councils in the public service will no longer receive monthly allowances.

The Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta, in a letter sighted by Today, granted approval for the implementation of new sitting allowances for Boards/Council, Boards/Councils Committees, Statutory and other Committees in the Public Service.

The letter, addressed to ministers and all heads of councils and boards, also directed the boards and councils of various institutions to apply to the ministry for the approved rates applicable to their respective institutions.

The new allowances regime segments for boards have been categorised into three—with the Chairman and Members of a Category 1 Boards receiving GH₵2,500 and GH₵2,100 respectively as sitting allowances and GH₵1,800 and GH₵1,600 as committee sitting allowances.

For Chairpersons and Members of Category 2 Board or Councils will receive GH₵2,100 and GH₵1,800 respectively as board sitting allowances and GH₵1,720 and GH₵1,520 respectively as committee sitting allowances.

Category 3 Chairpersons and Members are now due for GH₵1,720 and GH₵1,400 respectively as sitting allowances while committee chairpersons and members are now due for GH₵1,200 and GH₵1,000 respectively.


Meanwhile, the chairperson of a National Committee and his/her members will receive GH₵900 and GH₵850 respectively as sitting allowances and GH₵600 and GH₵550 as respective workshop allowances.

The Chairperson and members of Ministerial Committees will GH₵700 and GH₵650 as sitting allowances and GH₵500 and GH₵450 as respective workshop allowances.




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