‘Nigerian comedians not enemies’

Ghanaian comedian, Derrick Kobina Bonney, popularly known as DKB has   said, “Nigerian comedians are not our enemies, we are very good friends”.


He said this because “he doesn’t understand why people are pushing the agenda that Nigerian comedians are enemies to Ghanaian counterparts”.

According to the comedian, Nigerian comedians cannot be left out in the conversation about the Ghanaian Comedy industry.

“They (Nigerians) are a huge powerhouse when it comes to comedy in Africa and are also very influential, so it is very understandable if their name is mentioned whenever comedy is being discussed, but it doesn’t make them enemies of Ghana.

“It is amazing that from nowhere people are pushing an agenda that we are enemies of Nigerian comedians because every time they come up in the conversation of comedy. Of course, they are a comedy powerhouse and have been very influential so anytime comedy is being discussed they will surely come up. This doesn’t mean we are enemies”, he said.

Godfather of comedy in Ghana, K.S.M passed a comment saying “DKB makes him laugh harder than the Nigerian comedians”.

According to him, some people misconstrued the statement, and concluded that they were enemies.

But he said,  “It is his [KSM} opinion and people have to respect that. Everyone has a choice and if he prefers me to Nigerian comedians it doesn’t warrant people claiming he is trying to make enemies between me and Nigerians”.

Now those talking, don’t they  also prefer Nigerian comedians to  Ghanaian comedians? Does that mean they hate Ghanaians? Some utterances are reckless and must be disregarded”, he added.


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