Newmont to study report of Minerals Commission on AME incident

Newmont Ghana welcomed the completion of the Minerals Commission’s investigation into the tragic construction accident at the Ahafo Mill Expansion (AME) project on 7th April, 2018.

The Inspectorate Division of the Minerals Commission submitted its findings to the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, who publicly released the report last Monday.

“We appreciate the efforts of the Minerals Commission and other stakeholders in conducting a thorough investigation into the causes of this tragic construction accident,” said Alwyn Pretorius, Regional Senior Vice President, and Newmont Africa. “We are all devastated by the loss of six colleagues and will carefully study the report so we may learn from the accident, address its findings and take steps to prevent this from happening again. We will work closely with the Minerals Commission to follow up on each of the instructions in their report. This tragic accident stands as a sobering reminder that we must forever remain vigilant in continually improving our safety culture.”

The Company says detailed action plans will be developed to address the findings in the report and to integrate the lessons across its business, while also sharing those lessons with industry. Construction work at the AME project remains suspended until Newmont and the authorities are satisfied that work can resume safely.

Newmont Ghana also reiterated that it continues providing support to the grieving families, as well as counselling to the employees of the construction contractor and the entire workforce at Ahafo. The company says it is also finalising a long-term, comprehensive and sustainable financial assistance package for the grieving families.


A tragic construction accident occurred at Newmont’s Ahafo Mill Expansion project in Ghana on 7 April 2018. A contractor construction crew of eight people was working inside a surface reclaim facility when the roof collapsed during the placement of concrete. Of these eight, two escaped with minor injuries. Emergency response teams were deployed immediately, but six fatalities were confirmed.

The victims’ families were notified, and the Company continues providing support and counseling services to the families, the employees of the contract construction company, as well as the entire workforce at Ahafo. The Company also immediately notified relevant authorities and local leaders.

Newmont is working with the Inspectorate Division of the Minerals Commission to address the findings from their investigation into the accident.


Story: News Desk

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