We learned about three major needs of a man in the previous week as the need for sexual fulfillment been the first basic need.

The need for recreational companionship was known to be the second basic need of a man and the third need of a male in a relationship is an attractive woman. This week we will continue with two other basic need of a man and that of the female partner if space will permit. Below are the other needs of a man and that of a woman.

  1. The fourth basic need of a male is domestic support

A man needs a Heaven, a safe refuge where he can come at the end of the day where he can find peace and security. In short, he needs a supportive home environment. Males are wired by God to be providers for the home. Males are givers. When a man goes out and battles with life all day to support his family, the last thing he needs is to come home to family battles. With more and more in the workforce now, this issue of domestic support is even more important for both husband and wife. There are troubles enough in the “daily grind” without upheaval at home to add to the mix. Both the husband and the wife need to be sensitive to the issue of domestic support.

  1. Finally, a male needs admiration and respect

The problem is that so many men by the way they act and the way they treat women in their lives don’t deserve admiration and respect. However, that does not change the fact that they need them. Men are wired with the need to know they are admired and respected. They also have the responsibility to behave in an admirable and respectable manner.

Five basic needs of the female

Females are wired by nature to have the following needs fulfilled in a relationship.

  1. The number one need of a female is affection. Unlike a male, a female doesn’t need sex. She can certainly enjoy sex if it is with her husband and accompanied by a lot of affection. A woman cannot function properly without affection. The male in the relationship needs to make sure her affection needs are meet.

Affection means that he verbally and physically expresses his love, his care, and his support for her with both physical and non-physical activities: hugs, kisses, flowers, cards, gifts, extending common courtesies, showing little daily acts of thoughtfulness, and so forth.

  1. A female’s second greatest need is for communication and conversation. She wants-she needs- the man in her life to talk to her. Many men have a problem with this. Some have the mistaken notion that a real man is the silent type. A silent man is emotional starvation for a woman. She thrives on conversation. Usually, the end result or “bottom line” of conversation is not as important to her as is the process itself. So, men, talk to her. Listen to her. Take time to share with her, not just superficially but at the feeling level. The time invested will pay abundant dividends in a strong and healthy relationship.
  2. A woman’s third basic need is honesty and openness. Those two words make many men very nervous because they don’t like to talk openly. Being open and honest means being willing to share candidly to the fullest degree that is appropriate for the level of the relationship. Husbands and wives, for example, would normally share at a deeper and more intimate level than would a man and woman who were merely dating. Here is a tip for guys. The more open and honest you are with her, the more she will trust you and be drawn to you, because she interprets openness as love.
  1. A female’s fourth basic need is financial support. This may not be a major issue for a wife who works outside the home, but it is crucial for a wife who has chosen to stay at home, particularly if she is caring for children. These needs are interconnected. If the husband needs the domestic support of a comfortable home, the wife needs money to help make it that way. She needs to feel secure that the financial needs of her family are taken care of.
  2. The fifth need is family commitment. In other words, a wife needs to know that her husband is committed to their home and their marriage, that he puts her ahead of any other woman and puts their children ahead of any other children. She needs to know that he will give first priority to his family when making decisions on the commitment of his time. No matter who we are, male, female, married or single, the greater thing we can do to love our partner in any relationship is seek to understand his or her unique needs and then commit ourselves to meeting those needs.

The End.


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