We need Kagame type of leadership —Prof. Gyampo

Professor Ransford Gyampo of the University of Ghana has said Ghana needs a leader who can think and act like the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame.

His comment follows the closure of about 6,000 churches in Rwanda recently as part of Kagame’s efforts to sanitise the religious atmosphere in his country.

Mr Kagame explained that fake, dimwitted, and uneducated people who called themselves men of God, with the aim of fleecing their followers, were leading the churches.

Commenting on this on his Facebook page on Sunday, 6 May, 2018 Prof Gyampo said: “Ghana: A nation where even the highly-educated refuse to think and submit to the exploits of toddler-magicians who parade themselves as pastors. Even in the days of Prof Hindu, the state asserted its sovereignty.

“Paul Kagame, you are not irreligious. You are just a wise and proactive leader. No wonder Rwanda, that country that suffered serious genocide, bounced back and is doing far better than Ghana.

“Our political elites are ideologically bankrupt and they admit that they don’t have the message to win power or sustain themselves in power. They, therefore, consult ‘pastor-magicians’ secretly, at all times. This is the source of the impunity with which certain social deviants who call themselves pastors, exploit some ignorant Ghanaians and abuse them.

“The Police, the lawyers, the CSO leaders, the executive, the MPs, the judges, ‘the-everybody’ consult them. So, they seem helpless as these magician-pastors go about abusing and milking some ignorant people.”


Story: Franklin ASARE DONKOH

Writer’s email: franklin.asare-donkor@todaygh.com

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