I nearly quit music —Omar Sterling

At the stage in life where his music mentor died, Omar Sterling, (formerly known as Paedae) of ‘R2bees,’ fame recalled how he nearly threw in the towel to becoming a music star.


In an interview with host, Dr Duncan on Accra-based Adom FM on the programme- ‘Kasahari Level,’ last week Saturday, the ‘Nineteen Ninety’ hit-maker claimed after completing senior high school (SHS), had no hopes of being in the entertainment industry.


He recalled how his elder brother encouraged him to hustle on the street since there was no money to continue his tertiary education.


“My mentor died and I was so heartbroken. I stopped rapping. At the same time, my big bro told me I had to start hustling so I became a street boy. I started music without money on my mind…,” he recalled sadly.


But Omar Sterling said he nearly quit music when people could not relate with his kind of rap.


He however, gave credit to Dr Duncan for boosting his confidence and spirit positively to pursue his music career.


“I used to have backlash before Omar Sterling became Paedae. People didn’t understand my kind of music. You don’t get to hear that kind of rap. When I started people didn’t know what I was talking about. I rap about real life story…” he stressed.


“It’s not just R2bees but even Sarkodie we own our careers to Dr Duncan. I really used to have backlash. Duncan saw me when I started to rap but told me never to back down…,” he maintained.


Meanwhile, Omar Sterling is currently promoting the new single of R2bees dubbed: ‘Plantain Chips.’



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