Nduom never dies; his works still receive monumental praise

There are some individuals whose works remain indelible marks that can never be erased under any circumstance. They may suffer violent attacks, political and other forms of wicked persecutions; yet none can obliterate their relevance with history.

They are rare breeds with a niche beyond ordinary human understanding; and are often touted as gifts to society and humanity.

Some countries treat them as state assets and offer them every assistance possible, with the view that their sustained success has the potential of affecting positively the lives of millions of their fellow countrymen and women.

Although the outstanding contributions of some of these individuals, date back to the medieval ages, through to as recent as the 20th century, the leadership of their countries created favourable conditions that ensured that their works were preserved; their businesses flourished from generation to generations.

That’s why today, some family businesses like Boeing, Ford etc, have gone beyond their countries of origin to become iconic global companies. As nature will have it, such exceptional people are well spread within every sphere of human endeavour.

And just like the fair distribution of natural resources, nature has gifted every country with such valuable human resources. They are found in academia, entrepreneurship, sports, governance, leadership among others.

It’s about how a given country decides to handle and use them. With some of them, their legacies are so visible today; others too are captured in the memory of people who have heard or read about them.

The great Greek Philosopher, Socrates may have died 399 BC, but he is still remembered as one of the most famous Philosophers of all time. In fact, he is known as the father of “Western Philosophy”. And his woks constitute a major reference point for the study of modern Philosophy.

Ghana & the classic case of prophets not being recognised in their homes

Ghana has had and continue to have her own share of these exemplary individuals from all walks of life. Unfortunately, we painfully remember most of them through the relics of their businesses which suffered violent attacks and mainly from political persecutions.

Most Ghanaians remember the many jobs created by such Ghanaian business icons like B.A. Mensah; J.K. Siaw (Tata Brewery); Appiah Minka (Apiino Soap); Edward Osei Yaw Boakye (Boakye Mattress) among many others.

The businesses of these entrepreneurs were confiscated by either the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) or the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) military junta of Jerry John Rawlings in the late 1970s or the 1980s.

Similar acts of political oppression were unleashed on other Ghanaian businessmen, who in the estimation of the ruling class, were not part of their cabal.

Similar sins being visited on Nduom, others

It’s almost a recurring curse to be a businessman in Ghana. You flourish when your government is in power; you suffer a fate same as B.A Mensahs and the Appiah Minkas if you are perceived, albeit wrongly, to belong to an opposition party.

Such government people do not care a hoot about the millions of employments these indigenous businessmen offer Ghanaians. Since it has become a cycle, it has to be retained at all cost, no matter how unpleasant and unjustifiable such decisions maybe.

The latest batch of Ghanaian businessmen to suffer such injustices are Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, Dr. Kwabena Duffour, Kofi Amoabeng among others. As usual, trust the political administration to use same subterfuge to justify their action.

But before the obvious use of deception by the current political class to destroy the businesses of the Nduoms, etc, their businesses were flourishing and in the process, offering jobs to millions of Ghanaians.

It’s interesting to note that no client of any of Nduom’s companies ever complained about the operations of these companies, until the administration decided to go on that destructive agenda.

Dr. Nduom’s companies operated in Banking, Investment Banking, Hospitality, Insurance, Health, Manufacturing, Sports, Technology among others and under a conglomerate brand name—GN.

GN Bank alone had 300 branches nationwide, a feat unprecedented in the Ghanaian Banking sector. Gold Coast Securities, an Investment Bank owned by the Nduoms had a disciplined work ethic that enabled it to operate uninterruptedly, for 25 years with over one million clients, before the political sledge hammer.

Recently, the University of Ghana adopted the Nduom School of Business & Technology as a satellite campus to ease the pressure on accommodation at the Cape Coast University.

So what could have gone so wrong for some of such well-structured Nduom companies to collapse within a year, if not for political witch-hunting?

Nduom through the lens of a Sports Journalist

Last week, a Sports Journalist with Angel FM, Saddick Adams who covered the Ghana Premier League match between Dr. Nduom’s Elmina Sharks and Accra Hearts of Oak at the Nduom Sports Stadium at Elmina was baffled at the level of infrastructure at the stadium:

I share with you the following write-up which he posted on his Facebook wall to eulogize the man who the political system is out to destroy and demonize:

“I know times are hard for him, but let me take this opportunity to commend Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom. His individual contribution to Ghana football in the last decade is UNPARALLELED.

Has received some stick but the positive things he has done doesn’t deserve to go unnoticed.

He took over and with heavy investment, transformed his hometown club from a lower tier side into a formidable Ghana Premier League side.

Built an international stadium from the scratch, worth about $10million. Fitted with Floodlights, VIP Lounge, Conference Gym, Restaurant etc.

In fact, he is the only individual to have singularly built a stadium of international standard that can host matches in the night and even rented out to Ghana to host the 2018 WAFU championship. The stadium is expected to be expanded to a 20,000 seater.

He owns Elmina Sharks FC with over 35 players and 15 staff. Has two Youth sides with a-combined players of over 100.

Owns a Women’s Premier League side, Sea Lions with over 30 players and staff.

Has a Women’s Reserve side.

Has a football secretariat costing $200k. Built a four storey Club House that camps the senior team, female team and staff.

Has two buses, three vans, two pickups and a 4X4 for the head coach, all for the effective running of the teams.

Despite his recent troubles, all the players continue to receive salaries and other allowances due them.

Important to note that since he started investing, he’s not really made substantial player sale to even lessen the financial load.

I do not have insight knowledge of any of his businesses. But if the decision to do this is for the interest of his hometown people and the game of football, he deserves thumps up”.

It is often easier to criticize but I believe that, presently, there is NO single individual who has made such massive investment in football and Nduom deserves it.

For the social and economic impact, he has had on footballers, staff and good people of Elmina, staff and good people of Elmina, I say, Ayekoo”.




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