• PPP will complete all State projects
  • No matter which gov’t started it

Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, aspiring presidential candidate of PPP

Aspiring presidential hopeful of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, has indicated the party’s commitment to complete all uncompleted development projects dotted throughout the country when voted into power.

Speaking on Accra-based Joy FM, Dr. Nduom who lamented over the lack of political will to complete projects inherited from previous administrations since independence argued that this is the surest way to progress.

“…We want to do something that no political party seeking political power has ever done: we will complete all projects started in Ghana no matter who started it. Whether it was started by Nkrumah or whoever, a PPP government would be committed to working towards their completion,” he firmly assured.

Numerous development projects are at the mercy of the weather as a result of the lack of political will to complete them for use by Ghanaians with the latest being the affordable housing project started by the erstwhile NPP administration.

That has obviously been a major cause of the underdevelopment of African countries which Ghana is no exception.

However, Dr. Nduom believes this should not be so because “all state projects were undertaken with Ghanaian money and hence should be completed no matter who started it.”

Against this backdrop, the PPP man called on especially the youth to patronise the PPP which has the vision of transforming the country through an all-inclusive government.

According to him, the PPP would use its national convention on Saturday, 25th February, 2012 at the Accra Sports Stadium to educate its members on the agenda of the party.

Dr. Nduom further disclosed that over 150 party members have expressed strong desire to contest parliamentary seats on the ticket of the party.

“We would outdoor the party and also educate our members on our political platform. It would also help them to know each other as many people would come from across the country,” he said.

He therefore encouraged women to join the party adding that the PPP has many plans for women in the country, and expressed the hope that they will actively partake in the party’s activities.

“We are reaching out to women and the youth and we want to ensure that 20% of our parliamentary candidates are women,” he disclosed.

Dr. Nduom also submitted that a PPP government would not allow its ministers to be corrupted.

He intimated that rather, the PPP will strengthen the various state institutions to increase their ability to fight corruption in the country.

“Our preparedness to fight corruption in the country has at least being demonstrated in our call for the separation of the Attorney-General’s office from the Ministry of Justice as well as strengthen the IRS with technology,” he said.

The PPP has been arguing for the need to separate these offices to enable the AG have the capacity to prosecute all cases of corruption in the country.

Dr. Nduom also assured that the PPP when voted into power in December would lead by example.

“…We would offer transformational leadership and work with a sense of urgency to develop this country,” Dr. Nduom firmly assured.  STORY: KWAKU NTI

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